LEOPARD GOLF 4 Club Iron Set Graphite Shaft AGES 3-5-38
Item LEO151014-IRL1

Optimal Height Range 38 in. to 44 in. Advanced technology for advancedplayers. Shafts are frequency matched with a low flex point for optimal ball flight. Graphite shafts for a lighter and softer feel.

4-Club Iron Only Set includes:

  • SpeedMax V1 clubhead model (20% lighter than adult)
  • Graphite shaft 7 iron, 9 iron, PW, and 56 degree SW
SKU LEO151014-IRL1
Player's Skill Level Advanced/Beginner
Hand Right Hand
Player's Height Range 38"-44"  Player
Shaft Flex Apollo Junior
Player's Age 3-5 years old
Shaft Type Graphite
Player's Swing Speed 54 mph and up