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What is different about Leopard clubs?
Leopard integrates a revolutionary club head design that gets the golf ball up in the air very easily. A larger lightweight club head with a big sweet spot and wider grooves all assist to get the ball flying through the air. Combined with a flexible lightweight shaft, Leopards clubs are the best option for beginner golfers!
Where can I buy Leopard clubs?
Leopard clubs are available online at www.golphin.com.  On our website.
At what age should my child start playing golf?
It is never too early to get a golf club in a child’s hands, even if it is a plastic toy club.  Typically a three-year-old has the strength to swing a Leopard club. It is a good idea to start children with plastic or foam golf balls before going to the real thing. 

What size clubs should I get for my child?
Leopard utilizes a chart that determines the size of clubs based on a child’s height.  Please consult with your PGA Professional to determine the proper size clubs for your child.
How many clubs does my child need?
A beginner, especially a young child, needs only a few basic clubs to start. The essential clubs are a putter, a wedge, a low iron (7, 8 or 9) and a fairway wood that also can be used as a driver. As the golfer grows and improves, more clubs can be added starting with a hybrid wood, a mid iron (5 or 6) and a sand wedge.  Your PGA Professional will assist you with your child’s proper club set.
How can I help donate Leopard clubs to kids who need them?
Please contact us at Leopard as we work with many foundations that can benefit from contributed Leopard clubs for their Junior Golf programs.